Guidelines for Posting the Final, Accepted Version of a Manuscript on Personal and Public Websites


The Biometrics Copyright Transfer Agreement allows authors to post the final Accepted Author Manuscript of an accepted paper on their personal websites and on not for profit repositories such as arXiv, PubMedCentral, etc as soon as the final definitive publisher's version of the paper (the Version of Record) appears online in the Early View section of Wiley Online Library.  In other words, the "embargo period" for Biometrics following online publication of the Version of Record in the Early View section is ZERO (0) MONTHS.

The Accepted Author Manuscript is the final accepted version of the manuscript prepared by the authors (using LaTeX, Word, etc).  The Version of Record is the typeset article prepared by the publisher; authors are NEVER allowed to post this version on these websites.

Authors should follow the instructions at

regarding posting of submitted and accepted manuscripts with the EXCEPTION that the 12 month embargo stated under the "Not for Profit Subject- Based Repositories" is replaced by the 0 month embargo discussed above.